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What an eventful year just passed, and now that 2012 is here, I've got so much on my plate, everything's spilling over on each side and down onto the floor.

We spent the holidays very quietly (they almost never register much of a pulse), and the only spate of activity was getting our son outfitted, lodged and over to Mount Vernon for the Parks Law Enforcement Academy.
Now it's time to tear into one of the bigger piles on the plate: May Crown. I'd been working with brighidross since September on a bid, which was awarded right before Thanksgiving, with reservations about the lovely, but remote site. With the advent of the yuletide season, I wasn't able to do much more than recruit the core team members and write up job descriptions, but I did have my boots on the ground up in Okanogan County scouting for sites a bit closer to civilisation.
Then at last, just before Christmas, we got a much better offer from the Okanogan County Fairgrounds, which I presented at 12th Night. Now we're off and running to re-tool plans for that site, which is probably going to be less than half of the area of the former. Ah well!

12th Night was nothing but wonderful. I drove over Thursday with my Pelican, Amber, to hang with Skeggi and taisiia Duncan, Lee, Bryson and Angharad and a few more folks. It was wonderful to have some relaxing time together, and we got a chance to scout out some good restaurants, including Beverly's, where I had dinner with Shannon and uwchem and Bacchus and Triona. Afterwards, I dropped in on ya_inga's vigil and told her what I thought of her (all great and wonderful things).

As the weekend geared up, several of us hung out at the back of court sellng Taisiia's furs (I got one), watching the retinue run back and forth, and admiring manikenxl's spiffy and unsubtle outfit. Saturday night parties were wunnerful: taisiia led plans to make "girly" drinks, so we divvied up the ingredients, assembled in Duncan's room (site of major Scotch-tasting) and mixed up a pitcher, then went party-hopping, occasionally returning to make more pitchers (the recipe needed a wee bit o' tinkering, then they went down REALLY well). We made it through the doors once for Dagmaer's Dirty Duchess party, spent time at ya_inga's party, and wound up the night late back at Duncan's visiting with viking_food_guy and Geoffrey.

My only "work" items were two meetings on Sunday: Financial and Curia, where I got the go-ahead for the new May Crown site. Afterwards, I finally got down to Merchant's Row to confabulate a bit with copperoxide on plans for Kingdom Arts & Sciences.

Yes, in the "am I doing too much?" department, I am offering up a full competition for Bardic (I memorise Latin poetry to help me sleep nights) and digging up a single entry for A&S. I've had one in the memory banks for several years, and just need to refresh my brain pan for the other one, which I performed as part of my Golden Swan entry some years back.

On the way home, Amber did a reality check with me as I recounted my plans, which also include running sergeantry trials later this year. If I had a real job, I couldn't do it, but I hate boredom, so available time fills up.

The last BIG thing I have got to do is for my own personal health. I hate old people who always whine about their health problems, and it's been quite discouraging to have them myself, since I tend to externalise about what's going on in my life, and it's been quite limiting. I had a serious bout of tendinitis in late Summer, which came out of nowhere, then one knee completely gave out on me in December, right after my OB/GYN informed me that it was more than high time to yank me into the hospital and give me a hysterectomy. That's happening on January 17, and I am honestly looking forward to it and hope to reclaim reserves of energy that I will need to address all the things I want to do in 2012.


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